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Five acres Backing Clohesy River

Land backing onto the Clohesy river is keenly sought after.

Just listed is 2 ha at 321 Koah Road.

Here is another rare opportunity for you to live at popular Koah & build your Lifestyle estate with access to the Clohesy river.

My last two lots sold at auction & there is strong demand for such land.

The land holds Riparian Rights to pump/take water from the Clohesy River for domestic use only (not for any profitable gain).

Anyone who owns the property will automatically have this right. There is no documentation relating to such nor does such have to be transferred.
For greater information refer to the Riparian Allowance Application below.

The land is site opposite the Koah Hall.

The driveway takes you to a cleared house site, about midway on the property.

The owner has installed a bore, irrigation pipes, & significant amount of underground electrical wiring, from the power box, by the front gate.

Several water points are installed throughout the estate.

The pump shed houses a Grundfos pump that transfer water from a 10,000 l tank

The water tank is filled via the bore pump.

This estate is well setup with power & water.

Call Vik for an inspection & you’ll be very glad you id




Riparian Allowance Application & Information:

Where a landowner/occupier wishes to apply to SunWater for a Riparian Allowance (‘Allowance’) of 2ML to be taken under the authorisation provided by section 20A(2) of the Water Act 2000.

A total of 2ML is permitted to be taken as an Allowance in a SunWater Water Supply Schemes. This volume may only be diverted for stock and domestic purposes through existing metered works or through other nominated metered works.
A landowner/occupier must provide proof of ownership or occupation of contiguous parcels of land and prove that the property where the Allowance is claimed is riparian.
Approval may also be granted for land that is not riparian, if (i) the land is classified as contiguous to land that is riparian, (ii) the registered owners are exactly the same for the riparian and non-riparian land, and (iii) an allowance does not already exist for the riparian land.

Acceptable Forms of Proof of Ownership
Any one of the following forms of proof of ownership or occupation of the land for which an Allowance is sought, and should accompany this application. Please only send copies:
• Current council rates notice showing Lot & Plan Nos.; or
• Executed Form 1/24 Transfer showing Lot & Plan Nos.; or
• Executed Form 7 Lease showing Lot & Plan Nos.; or
• Executed Lease or Sale Contract showing Lot & Plan Nos.

Riparian – SunWater Customers
Landholders who are riparian to a river, creek or stream in a SunWater Water Supply Scheme, and are a SunWater customer, are entitled to take water for stock and domestic purposes. They may take the 2ML Allowance through existing SunWater metered works, or may install other works for the diversion of the Allowance, if they do not wish to divert it through the existing works.

Flood Margin Land and Riparian Rights
A landholder who owns land adjacent to a SunWater flood margin area is not entitled to an Allowance for stock and domestic purposes under Section 20A(2) of the Water Act. The landholder’s land is not considered riparian as SunWater is the registered owner for the flood margin lands.

Channel and Pipeline Customers
Landowners on channels and pipelines do not come under the provisions of Section 20A(2) of the Water Act. These customers are not riparian and are not permitted to access the Allowance under the Water Act.

Access to a river, creek or stream via an easement through a neighbouring landholder’s property by registered easement or by agreement does not make the landowner’s property riparian. The landholder is not entitled to the Allowance under the Water Act.

Term of the Riparian Allowance
Allowances do not have an expiry date, but a termination date may be nominated by the landowner/occupier of leased land with a SunWater offtake.
If a termination date is nominated (for example, for the term of a registered lease), the Allowance expires on that date unless the requirements of the riparian water user change (e.g. extension of lease), or there is a change of ownership of all or part of the land.
If a termination date is not nominated, the Allowance will continue until the landowner/occupier requests its cessation of the Allowance or sells the land for which the Allowance has been approved. Please write ‘N/A’ in the ‘Proposed Termination Date’ field.

The first water used on the Water Account within a water year will be deemed to be the Riparian Allowance.

An Allowance does not transfer with a property upon its sale. A new landowner is required to apply for his own Riparian Allowance by using this Application Form.
For additional information, please contact:
Mail: PO Box 15536 CITY EAST QLD 4002
Phone: 13 15 89
Facsimile: 3120 0249



Address:321 Koah Road
Zip Code:4881
Property Type:Vacant Land
Lot size:5 Acres
Location:Koah, Queensland, 4881

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