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  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 1
  • Sq Ft: 15
  • Acres: 37

This unique property is in many ways a sound investment for the lucky buyer.


The owner has lived here since 1989 and has the Technical and science expertise of a trained Agronomist, to set up an ideal orchard that is economic to run.

The topography of the land us undulating and running downhill towards a large basin.

This area was cleared and expanded to create a huge dam that hold about 15 Meglitre of water.

Rain water runs downhill from a very large adjacent catchment area into the dam.

All rural horticulturalist & growers will know that one of the biggest cost of production is in buying water and the pumping of that water, using electrical energy, to the crop.

In this instance the owner has cleverly used the natural lay of the land to allow the water to flow from the natural hillslopes and accumulate into several dams.

So essentially you have FREE water & no Sunwater or Tinaroo dam water or fees are required!

As a result, a very large mango orchard comprising about 430 trees has been established.

This crop is regularly irrigated via an extensive network of 2-inch irrigation piping and a new irrigation pump house within a certified chemical shed.

So very low cost of production here & room for expansion too!

If additional water is required, there is ample catchment to install more dams for aquaculture project, for example.

An extensive network of 2-inch irrigation pipe has been laid to deliver water to the property & orchard via a network of control valves.

Numerous sprinklers have been established to water, lawns, shrubs and gardens.

In addition, continuing with this theme, of keeping costs down, a substantial 5kva system has been installed.

This system produces 30 kilowatts of energy a day! The owner uses only a fraction of this so he often gets at refund on the electricity account!

In order to keep the day to day orchard duties to an efficient minimum, the orchardist has two tractors, one of which is equipped with a fork for the easy lifting of pallets, during harvest.

The mangoes are usually harvested late December early January.
430 trees, means that the entire crop can be picked over three days.

The owner usually throws a working party and gets the job done with friends and supporters in super quick & fun time!

There is an existing contract with the Mango Buyer, who collect the fruit and use it for juice.

The current grower is certified as: “Fresh Care Accredited”. This means that the crop is grown, harvest and sold in accordance with high standards of current horticultural practice.

The new buyer can apply to have this certification transferred.

Income from the orchard depending on seasonal variation is in $10,000 to $25,000 range.

Whilst this may not appear as lucrative, but this amount of income will allow you to register as a primary producer and so benefit from many Tax credits and discounts available. Ask for details.

You can value add to the crop by dehydrating the fruit and finding new markets, but for the moment the grower has found it simply to send the crop to juicing.

To aid easy management & therefore production, the Mango orchard has been setup at the correct spacing for easy access by farm machinery.

Ease of operation irrigation is installed!

The orchard is setup on a north facing slop and gets ample sunlight and protection from wind.

In general, the property is cooled by south easterlies that travel over acres of woodland, and in so doing lose their heat and pick up the cool from these forests.

Therefore, the temperature at the homestead is remarkably cool and pleasant.

The spacious 4-bedroom house is about 300m2 under roof.

There are two full width verandah s on either side, with timber panel lined ceilings.

Walk in & you will notice the tall ceilings & spacious living areas.

The kitchen is the classic country kitchen with ample room to add a table and enjoy a coffee with your friends.

The lounge features a wood heater for cool winter days.

A wide passage leads to the four bedrooms, all of which have built ins and look out on the covered verandah on either side.

The verandah adjacent to the kitchen is an ideal place to sit outdoors during hot afternoons and if want more cooling then simply walk into the very large shade fern house.

This space is cool, green and very peaceful.

Good place to entertain friends and throw a good garden party.

The area immediately around the house has carefully been planned to convey a domestic and not industrial feel.

So, once you are back home from working in the orchard, all the comforts of home are there for you to enjoy.

The large saltwater, inground pool is located conveniently near the house.

There is a large pool cover, to go over the pool when not in use.

All in all, this is an ideal property for buyers looking for quality lifestyle with home income.

Its proximity to Cairns, airports and markets mean that the crop is never too far from being sold.

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Price:$Offers Over $799,000
Square Feet:15

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